Prospective Property Investors and Landlords: The Pitfalls Nobody Tells You About Till It’s Too Late!

Why Am I Drafting This Article?

So, you’re thinking about buying a property as an investment and you haven’t done it before.  There’s nothing to it really, is there?  Just a question of getting a flat that’s in good condition, or buying one then making sure that it ends up in good condition, then you find a tenant, get the rent in and make a tidy profit.  No?

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Investment Properties: In What Areas and What Type of Property Should You Buy?

People regularly say to me that they are thinking of buying an investment property and ask my advice as to what sorts of areas they should buy the property in.  They rarely ask what type of property they should purchase but, to be honest, that’s probably as important as the area.  The idea of this article is to try to address those two issues.

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