Monthly Scottish Property Market Update – December 2010

Ho Ho Ho, Welcome to the Christmas Property Market Update!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, tralalalala la la la la.  ‘Tis also the season to look back at the housing market in the year gone by and to make some predictions as to what might happen in the year to come.  That, admittedly, is less exciting and less traditional than being jolly.  But I’m an estate agent, not Santa, so it’s hopefully not entirely unexpected and I’ll do what I can to keep this Update more ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and less ‘Scrooged’.  Double dip recession and housing market crash…bah humbug to the idea!

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Monthly Scottish Property Market Update – November 2010

November’s Good News…Housing Market Stabilises!

After getting a healthy dose of pessimism thrust at you in my October property market update, I am delighted to report in October that the property market in Scotland appears to be a bit healthier.  That is not just my anecdotal experience but also based on fact.  Well, on statistics from Lloyds TBS actually.  One has to be very careful indeed with using the Halifax, Nationwide etc house prices indexes when making sweeping judgments about the housing market (only part of the market, some are based only on mortgage offers which then may be withdrawn, include remortgages etc etc) but the Press in general doesn’t seem to care much for such caution.  So, on the back of headlines in October like, “3.4% slide in Scots house prices is the worst in UK, say analysts” (Scotsman), this month we had the welcome headline of “Scottish Housing Market Stabilises” (Lloyds TSB Press Release, widely reported).

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Monthly Scottish Property Market Update – August 2010

What’s Happening in the Property Market in August aka Did Anyone Actually Go on Holiday This Year?

I’m not going to write a huge amount this month as, property-wise, it’s been a bit of a slow news month.  Nothing particularly shocking has been published or indeed happened, I could have my regular rant about inconsistent property-related reporting in the Press but that’s going to be becoming pretty old hat pretty quickly, so there’s not really a huge amount to report.

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Monthly Scottish Property Market Update – June 2010

Apologies for the slightly late posting of this month’s property market update.  The only excuse I have is that, as business goes from strength to strength, our head valuer has been off on holiday this past week and a half and I am filling in for him in his absence and, quite honestly, I’ve got some idea of just how much he gets through in a day now: kudos indeed!

Anyway, this month’s Property Market Update is overwhelmingly positive.  We all like good news so here goes…

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Monthly Scottish Property Market Update – May 2010

My last monthly property market update went out just before the General Election.  The big question for this monthly market update is: what is happening in the property market today and how will the result of the General Election affect the property market in Scotland?  I’ve also put some tips in here about how to help your property stand out and sell in what continues to be a very challenging market in most areas.Your Read More Link Text

Property Market Update – April 2010 – General Election Special!

Property Market Update – April 2010 – General Election Special!

It’s been understated, dignified throughout and in no way resembled children chucking mud at each other in a playground: yes, I’m talking about the General Election.  Mercifully we are almost at the end of the campaign and in less than a week it will be all over.  At that point we can finally resume focus on some of the things that have been getting less column inches than they deserve in the past few weeks, most notably Inter Milan reaching the Champions League final, my band’s gig at the Bongo Club last Friday and, of course, property market news.Your Read More Link Text

Scottish Property Market Update – March 2010

I’m going to divide this Property Market Update into two sections. First, a general market update which hopefully, as always, helps to give an ACTUAL take on what is happening in the property market rather than headline-grabbing statistics that can often be read in the newspapers. Second, I’ll cover the new Stamp Duty regime, announced in the Chancellor’s Budget last week.Your Read More Link Text