Prospective Property Investors and Landlords: The Pitfalls Nobody Tells You About Till It’s Too Late!

Why Am I Drafting This Article?

So, you’re thinking about buying a property as an investment and you haven’t done it before.  There’s nothing to it really, is there?  Just a question of getting a flat that’s in good condition, or buying one then making sure that it ends up in good condition, then you find a tenant, get the rent in and make a tidy profit.  No?

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Investment Properties: In What Areas and What Type of Property Should You Buy?

People regularly say to me that they are thinking of buying an investment property and ask my advice as to what sorts of areas they should buy the property in.  They rarely ask what type of property they should purchase but, to be honest, that’s probably as important as the area.  The idea of this article is to try to address those two issues.

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Monthly Scottish Property Market Update – August 2010

What’s Happening in the Property Market in August aka Did Anyone Actually Go on Holiday This Year?

I’m not going to write a huge amount this month as, property-wise, it’s been a bit of a slow news month.  Nothing particularly shocking has been published or indeed happened, I could have my regular rant about inconsistent property-related reporting in the Press but that’s going to be becoming pretty old hat pretty quickly, so there’s not really a huge amount to report.

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Gazumping in Scotland – Why It Doesn’t Tend to Happen

The ‘G’ word is the dirtiest word associated with property purchases south of Hadrian’s Wall.

We all know that it doesn’t really seem to be as much of a problem in Scotland and yet most people probably don’t know why.   As a firm of solicitor/estate agents, the rules and reasons that mostly prevent it happening in Scotland are enough to tie us in knots most of the time.  Trying to explain this to clients prior to their property going on the market with us is therefore likely to cause some kind of nervous breakdown in all parties.  And yet, when the rules do have to kick in, it can be quite counter-intuitive and surprising for our selling clients.

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The Guardian Reports House Prices Won’t Recover for Years – True or Not?

Saw this article yesterday and thought it worthy of comment:

As a bit of a lefty liberal I do quite like the Guardian and tend to be quite sympathetic to its take on things.  I saw this though and thought it was a bit alarmist in a way that the Daily Mail tends to specialise in.Your Read More Link Text

Monthly Scottish Property Market Update – June 2010

Apologies for the slightly late posting of this month’s property market update.  The only excuse I have is that, as business goes from strength to strength, our head valuer has been off on holiday this past week and a half and I am filling in for him in his absence and, quite honestly, I’ve got some idea of just how much he gets through in a day now: kudos indeed!

Anyway, this month’s Property Market Update is overwhelmingly positive.  We all like good news so here goes…

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10 Reasons Why iPads Are Great News for Estate Agents

I have to confess that I am a gadget freak.  Pretty much every bit of tech that has come out in the past few years, I’ve wanted to be an early adopter.  Usually being an early adopter ends up being a bad move: the first Blackberry email devices were pretty clunky and the first iPhones weren’t anything like as good as the second generation ones that were released quite shortly afterwards.  So, with that in mind what on earth was I doing buying not one but two iPads for my business within a few days of their launch in the UK?Your Read More Link Text