Home Reports – Response to Criticism by ESPC and Other Solicitors in Scotland

There has been a lot of criticism in the Press recently about Home Reports, all totally contradicting my own firm’s experience of them as having been a force for good in the eyes of property buyers in Scotland.  I wanted to take this opportunity to respond to that criticism.

I run a property-focused business in Edinburgh and the majority of our work is in the estate agency field.  I am happy to admit that I was not a fan of Home Reports prior to their launch.  I am also happy to admit that, based on experience since 1 December 08, I was wrong.Your Read More Link Text

Home Reports One Year On – A Success?

The New Home Report Regime – Introduction

Home Reports, required for all properties marketed for sale after 1 December 2008, were probably the largest innovation in the last few decades in the way that residential properties are marketed and sold in Scotland.

If you put your property ‘on the market’ after 1 December 2008 then either you or your agent has had to be able to produce a Home Report for the property.  There are a couple of fairly minor exceptions of course but the vast majority of properties sold in Scotland fall into this category.Your Read More Link Text

How Do You Decide What to Bid at a Closing Date?

The last couple of months have seen a bit of a spike in buying activity and, sadly for buyers, a return to the days of Closing Dates and blind bidding.  Closing Dates and blind bidding have been confusing buyers since I started working in this field so hopefully this will be useful to any of you thinking of buying a home at the moment.

So the question is: how do you, as a buyer, decide what your bid should be at a Closing Date?Your Read More Link Text