Is the Cost of Selling Putting Preventing People in Edinburgh Putting Their Properties on the Market?

As people continue to tighten their belts due to the credit crunch, the housing market in Edinburgh continues to struggle.


Estate agents are reporting that increasing numbers of people are putting their properties on the market.  In addition, recent reports show that more mortgage products are becoming available to first time buyers with smaller deposits.  However, a healthy property market needs a good supply of new properties coming to the market and the number of properties on the market for these new buyers remains low compared to just a couple of years ago.Your Read More Link Text

Are Estate Agency Fees Unfair?

I’ve previously asked this question on my blog: is the way that estate agents bill for their services unfair? I got a variety of responses: those at the more affordable end of the market thought things were fine as they were whilst those at the upper end of the market resented having to pay a solicitor/estate agent thousands of pounds for what they perceived as being little more than putting their property in the ESPC. I personally believe that the traditional way that people pay for estate agency services is old-fashioned and that people are ready for change.Your Read More Link Text

What if Virgin Did Estate Agency in Edinburgh?

I’m reading Richard Branson’s (relatively) new book at the moment: ‘Richard Branson: Business Stripped Bare’. I’ve just read the lengthy chapter on ‘Delivery’: in other words, delivering on the promises you and your brand make to your customer.

I’ve felt that the book has been a little bit rambling up till now. However, when you just let go and don’t hope for a Top Five Tips to Becoming a Billionaire Overnight, it’s actually a good read and you start to get a far better understanding of the ethos behind the company. It feels honest and he doesn’t pull his punches about the fact that much of the success was NOT planned, there WERE mistakes along the way and that he’s not going to rewrite the strategy behind these decisions with the benefit of hindsight. So it’s very much the antithesis of most business-related or popular business philosophy books (I’m thinking in particular of ‘Everybody Wins’ which is a book by two management consultants about the story of the Re/max estate agency company) in that it doesn’t take examples of successful companies and then, after the event, create strategies that they must have followed to have achieved the success they have achieved.Your Read More Link Text