The Guardian Reports House Prices Won’t Recover for Years – True or Not?

Saw this article yesterday and thought it worthy of comment:

As a bit of a lefty liberal I do quite like the Guardian and tend to be quite sympathetic to its take on things.  I saw this though and thought it was a bit alarmist in a way that the Daily Mail tends to specialise in.

I was going to go into a long discussion of why this was right or wrong in my opinion and whether or not this would apply to Scotland more specifically but I then saw the first comment in the Comments section at the bottom of the article which I thought just summed it up perfectly:

Yeah, maybe…

But then again aren’t these the same people who said that house prices would fall a further 10% in 2009 and continue the downward trend in 2010?

So maybe we will discover alien life in the next 5 years or find a cure for the common cold.


Please end these articles with the adjunct:

‘These people are wrong most of the time and are just speculating on speculative data that is also frequently wrong’.

I can’t really disagree with anything that this gentleman says!  For a monthly update of exactly what I think is happening in the marketplace more locally and based on actual day-to-day experience of the property market locally, please do have a look at my Monthly Property Market Updates which you can find on this blog or at

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